It's all in pieces, all coherence gone - 1611

Listen to me, dear friend. I just can't to be with you like this anymore. M. And you was right on it. Our live together is compromised, now. My mind was deeply rooted on us. Both of us. It's so unfortunate. It's looking like a game. But it's not a game... too dangerous. And you didn't listen to me. You'll be sixteen on tuesday. You'll be sixteen and I'm always older. What about our future life ? THE KOOPLES. No. Not us. Me yes and you probably. Not us. And why ? Just because of our age ? Meanwhile, it's snowing in Paris. Age of Innocence is past now. I wish you could die for me, terrify me, symbolize me. Don't lie to me. I can't emphasize this strongly enough : I hate you just for one reason. It's always the same. We opened up a cold case love. I hate how much I love you, that's enough ya.
Take a Breath, take it deep, calm yourself. He says to me : "if you play, you play for keeps, take the gun and count to three". I’m sweating now, moving slow... No time to think, my turn to go ? And you can see my heart beating... you can see it through my chest. You said I’m terrified but... I’m not leaving. I'll always past this test.
And S. - Don't you listen to what I sometimes say... I don't mean the half of it, my heart gets in the way.
& She stole my shoes. It's GG. I'm going to complain of it.

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